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Ajwa Dates Pitting Machine

Ajwa dates pitting machine is a dates processing machine to remove the core of Ajwa dates, developed by improving and updating the ajwa dates pitter machine through two years’ unremitting study, it can meet various size and viscosity of dates, hawthorn, olives, plum, apricot, and other fruits. Adopt advanced structure of intermittent, rotary, motion, it makes the equipment more accurate, more lifetime, more widely usage, greatly improved the utilization rate of the equipment.

Ajwa Dates Pitting Machine



  • Many kinds of small round or oval fruits with the core. And the skin should not be easy to hurt.
  • Mainly used for dates like Anbara Dates, Saggae Dates, Aseel Dates, Ajwa Dates or other dates.
  • Other fruits like hawthorn, olives, plum, apricot, etc

Ajwa dates pitting machine features

  1. Automatical feeding with vibration and loading device with screening function.
  2. Mold diameter range from 10mm to 35mm. The adjustable range of one unit turntable is 3 mm.
  3. High nuclear rate and integrity flesh rate.
  4. High efficiency and easy operation.

Ajwa dates pitting machine parameter

Model Size(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kW) Application diameter Capacity(pcs/min)
TY-QH04 2500*1200*1300 670 1.5 φ12-40 1000-1100
TY-QH06 3030*1000*1470 830 2.2 φ12-40 2000-2200

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