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Blackberry Pitting Machine

This is latest updated precise automatic blackberry pitting machine.this blackberry pitter machine is specialized used in blackberry, jujube, cherry, olive fruit and designed in high precision to tailor to nuclear equipment, fully according to the characteristics of the fruit, improve greatly.

blackberry pitting machine

This Fruit in the process of conveying the use of the machine tool to use the process of red core, core fall into the core dust inside the automatic flow out together, rushed through the core of the fruit to continue to transport to the next link to automatically lose fruit, so that the discharge Fruit shape completely unchanged, fruit into the dustpan inside the automatic out of the collection together, so as to achieve the separation of fruit and core.

blackberry pitting machine features

  1. Automatic blackberry core remove machine with a high degree of automation, mold conveyor belt automatic feeding, feeding device to send red, just pour the fruit into the hopper to complete the separation of nuclear meat, sustainable uninterrupted work, thoroughly To solve the manual to nuclear efficiency is low, labor, time-consuming difficulties;
  2. blackberry pitting machine structure is with 304 stainless steel thick-walled square pipe and welded pipe composition, the equipment in the start-up operation more enhanced stability;
  3. All parts of the use of bolts fastening assembled, so that equipment in the operation and maintenance more convenient;
  4. Equipment raw materials using high-quality 304 stainless steel, fully in line with food processing equipment health standards;
  5. Conveyor belt imported polyurethane material, anti-wear, tensile, tear resistance, longer life;
  6. blackberry pitting machine operation is simple and convenient, do not have long care, one can manage multiple machines at the same time;
  7. Transmission system using advanced design concepts and standardized components, red core principle of the machine tool to punch the nucleus, so that each device are in line with the highest design standards, high precision, which go to the nuclear rate of up to one hundred percent, and fruit Shape completely unchanged.

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