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Blueberry Sorting Machine

Blueberry sorting machine is the simple machine for grading or sorting blueberry. And it includes inspection conveyor belt, air blower, and grading part. Blueberry sorting machine is suitable for sorting and grading blueberry by size.

blueberry sorting machine


This blueberry grading machine can sorting gray jujube, jun jujube, water chestnut, blueberry, onion, garlic, walnuts,navel orange, kiwi, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, garlic, jujube, ash, gold silk thread jujube,hawthorn, kumquat, sugar orange and others small kind of vegetable and fruit, screening of quantity can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Blueberry sorting machine features

  1. This blueberry grading machine structure is simple and compact, handsome in appearance, lightweight and durable.
  2. Simple operation, low noise and no harm to the fruit.
  3. Easy maintenance and low power consumption.
  4. Widely used in fruit orchards, fruit company, fruit and vegetable production base, as well as fruit and vegetable cooperatives.
  5. We accept the customized size according to client’s demand.

Blueberry sorting machine parameter

Capacity Power Grades Voltage Dimension
500-600 kg/h 0.75 kW 3 grades 220 V 2.8*1.05*1.1 m

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