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Cherry Tomatoes Grading Machine

cherry tomatoes grading machine is suitable for grading round-shaped and cylinder-shaped products which is graded by diameter,such as cherry, cherry tomato, cucumber etc.

cherry tomatoes sorting machine

The cherry tomatoes sorting machine main part is made of 304 stainless steel, it includes 3 machines: brush washing machine with sprayer, drying machine and sorting machine.

The common methods of grading of fruit and vegetables is size grading. ThoYu adopts two types, stainless steel roller pipes and PVC rotary drum grading.

grading of stainless steel roller pipes working

The motor drives the transmission shaft, and the transmission shaft drives the conveyor. This conveyor is customized product. The space between two rollers on the conveyor can be adjusted by the angle iron at conveyor’s two sides, so as to meet the grading demands. The products after graded fall into the belt beneath the conveyor, and conveyed to two sides by belt. Worker collects the products by containers.

cherry tomatoes grading machine features

  1. the fruit sorting machine has the function of lifting picking fruit, roll bar conveyor, roller sorting and other functions. This device has combined of lifting, sorting two parts. It use roll bar conveyor to transport fruit.
  2. it sortes fruits and vegetables according to the diameter size of fruit and vegetable,drum is a hole diameter gradually increase the composition of the hole.
  3. it is suitable for oranges, navel oranges, apples, potatoes, tomates,onions and other fruits and vegetables.
  4. drum circle aperture size can be customized according to the actual size of fruits or vegetables.


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