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Dates seed removing machine

dates seed removing machine is a fruit processing machine used to remove fruit seed,the dates pitting machine is one product created by our research and development team through unremitting study for two years, which can meet various size and viscosity of dates, hawthorn, olives, plum, apricot and other fruits.

dates seed removing machine

This dates pitting machine adopts advanced structure of intermittent, rotary, motion, make the equipment more accurate, more life time, more widely usage, greatly improved the utilization rate of the equipment.The structure is simple, performance is stable, to nuclear rate is higher.

Application of dates seed removing machine

  • Many kinds of small round or oval fruits with core. And the skin should not be easy to hurt.
  • Mainly used for dates like Anbara Dates, Saggae Dates, Aseel Dates, Ajwa Dates or other dates.
  • Other fruits like hawthorn, olives, plum, apricot, etc.

Our newest dates seed removing machine adopts high quality 304 stainless steel material, fully comply with the hygiene standard of food processing equipment, with a microcomputer, the driving system adopts advanced design concept and standard parts make each device conform to the highest standard of design, the operation is simple, raw material conveyor belt adopts new imported polyurethane material with longer service life make the raw material shape completely unchanged before and after processing.

Unique transmission technology and stable structure improve the working efficiency by 80%, the performance is more stable and yield increase greatly, reduce the maintenance cost in use process and pulp loss. Wide range of applicability and leading technology has made this machine sold all over the world.

Technical and parameters of dates seed removing machine

Model Size(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw) Application diameter Capacity(pcs/min)
TYQH-04 2500*1200*1300 670 1.5 φ12-40 1000-1100
TYQH-06 3030*1000*1470 830 2.2 φ12-40 2000-2200

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