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Orange Grading Machine

Orange grading machine is used to sorting orange by size,is also called orange sorting machine,orange grader,which is also used to sorting all kinds of round or nearly round fruits and vegetables, such as cherry tomato, small sugar orange etc, small type fruits by diameter,the orange sorting machine can be customized different grades by size.

orange grading machine

The orange grading machine include: lifting-feeding-sorting-discharging machines-brushing and cleaning..

  • Lifting device: conveying and feeding by lifting device, It automatically raise and the roller automatically rotate to achieve uniform feeding.
  • Sorting device: class the fruit according to the size of roller .
  • Discharge device: the belt automatically give fruits.
  • Brush device: used to clean unclean fruit.

Orange grading machine characteristics

  • Machine rack: Carbon steel / stainless steel
  • Rotate the graded steel pipe: All 304 stainless steel waterproof construction
  • Grading: 3-6 level
  • Conveyor: PVC food safety level
  • Exclusive design: no injury and high sorting accuracy. Equipment design is reasonable, stable performance. Low energy consumption, large amount of processing and easy to move and so on

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